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(Because why wouldn’t they?) Thanks to the fact that you can now interact with about a dozen other kids in school, you can now start dating at a younger age (looks like the youngest is 10 or 11), provided you’re in a co-educational school. They’re also difficult to join, as you’ll need to prove yourself to these people. In any case BitLife – Life Simulator is a game for all types.

If you’re already playing it then you can check out our other Guides on the game below too: Your email address will not be published. Both Grades and Popularity could go up or down organically based on all four core stats, so it’s essential that you keep your characters happy and healthy, while also behaving well and using the Study Harder option when needed, in order to fill those bars up.

We’ll discuss the principal’s office in a later part of this guide, but let’s move on first to another aspect of school life – your teachers. ), BitLife Back to School Update Guide (Version 1.22): Intelligence Test Mini-Game, Retirement Plans, Career Collecting, Work Hours and Stress Levels Explained, BitLife Prison Update Guide (Version 1.21): Prison Jobs, Prison Riot Mini-Game, Bribing Guards, Joining Gangs Explained, BitLife Guide (Version 1.20 Update): Military Service, Birth Control and Pregnancies, Dating Foreigners, Emigration, Time Machine Explained. Don't forget to follow us on our socials for up-to-the-minute BitLife news. Cheating is also covered in great lengths in the new update, as there are some random events where a classmate may ask you to share your answers in a test, or you may stumble upon a crib sheet that could give you easy answers and help you improve your grades. We Bitizens! Once you’re speaking to your school’s head, you will have the choice to Insult them, Argue with them, or Apologize for your actions. If you have passions and want to develop your abilities, you can participate in sports, join a band, and many more.

You can still choose to Drop Out from school at any point in your academic life, though once again, you can expect resistance from your parents 90 percent of the time.

BitLife’s new update is so chock-full of school-related content that we decided to discuss some of our miscellaneous observations and shed light on other features that we didn’t cover in the other parts of this guide. Grade schools and middle school now feature in BitLife, and are organised by tier per country. Just make sure you don’t let your Grades slip or encounter any mishaps that may affect your Health, as both (especially the former) could easily get you booted off the team! Best College Sororities In The U S Biggest And Oldest . As noted in the changelog, Candywriter has “overhauled” the intelligence test minigame. But kissing up to the faculty could also have an adverse effect on your popularity – nobody likes a brown-noser, after all! Now, provided you’re studying at school, you’ll encounter a bunch of new means of interacting with your classmates and teachers in BitLife. Ideally, the first two options are what you want to focus on when building positive relationships with other students, though it’s not a guarantee they will be receptive. (Or choose not to, if you’re chasing a ribbon with a negative connotation or simply want to play around.) It’s clear that Candywriter tried to pack as many new elements as possible to make school life for your Bitizens as realistic as possible, and they’ve delivered and then some. From those who want to live a mundane life to those – like yourself, possibly – that want to end innocent virtual lives. To be the President in BitLife, you are first going to need to get Bitizenship.

While it may seem at first that there isn’t any tangible benefit to being a frat or sorority member aside from a small boost in Popularity, you’ll later discover when your Bitizen is looking for work that some employers will hire you on the spot if they find out you came from the same brotherhood or sisterhood in college. If you’re interested in one of these career paths, you’ve come to the right place. That should help make the school system more familiar to you no matter the country you live in.

Hey Everyone, I Have Created a Video Tutorial on How to Join Bitlife Frats and Sororitie Along with Bitlife School Update. The first option is usually the safest option and the second is relatively safe in most cases, but if you get rejected, you’ll still lose about 30 Happiness points in the process, regardless if you ask permission or start hanging out without an invite from the leader.

The New York Orges are .. According to Twitter, you’re going to have to prove yourself to these people. You guys are the best fans ever and we really appreciate all of your great suggestions and feedback. Although there are several fraternities/sororities you can choose from once enrolled in university, the requirements for joining appear to be very similar – you need to be reasonably popular in order to be initiated, so to say. And Still You Still Find It to Join These Groups Then You Can Watch The Full Bitlife School Update Video Guide and Follow The Steps to Make It Easy to Join Them. When joining a Clique, you can either ask the leader for permission to join, immediately invite yourself and start hanging out with the group, try flattering their leader with a compliment, or, if you w ant trouble, insult their leader.

All these dilemmas are now available in BitLife, thanks to version 1.23 – in the past, your young Bitizens had the choice of standing up to the school bully or not, with only a small chance of expulsion, but now, the possible outcomes are much broader. In other words, it works pretty much like the usual Doctor option you know from previous versions of the game. Once accepted into a team – again, it looks like the game will only allow you to be a two-sport star at most due to the schedule mechanics – you’ll need to choose the Practice Harder option at least once per in-game year in order to improve your performance over time and potentially get named Co-Captain or Team Captain. Extracurricular activities work the same in BitLife as they do in real life. If it’s something else you’re looking for, you can check out our other BitLife guides: © Copyright 2009-2020 iFanzine. Additionally, you may also have a chance to play hooky if invited by a classmate, though you also have the option to do this on your own from middle school onward – simply tap on Skip School to do some ditching for a quick boost of Happiness…and a slight decrease in Grades. After reaching middle school/junior high, you will have the option to have your Bitizens take part in extracurricular activities or join certain cliques of students. A Bitizen with well below-average Looks or Smarts, for instance, may start school with their Popularity at orange, but start out with the bar close to full if they’re blessed with both stats in abundance.

The best of the best percy jackson fandom focus. If you want to live a successful BitLife, you’ll probably want to go to school. The Arizona Red Birdies .. Social or general fraternities and sororities, in the North American fraternity system, are those that do not promote a particular profession (as professional fraternities are) or discipline (such as service fraternities and sororities).Instead, their primary purposes are often stated as the development of character, literary or leadership ability, or a more simple social purpose. The game has become extremely popular, as people live the simulated digital life that they choose. The developer really hit it big with BitLife, which still tops the app charts to this day and regularly gets updated with new features. It all depends on the clique. Sign up for the Gamezebo Daily Newsletter, Space Frog Intern Review – A Solid but Unremarkable Arcade Blast, Update – Every Apple Arcade Game of 2020 Played and Rated, #1 in Game Reviews, Walkthroughs and Tips.

The hazing, however, does not involve any paddles to the behind or require you to eat weird stuff or play crazy drinking games – in here, it’s as simple as asking you a multiple-choice question about Greek mythology. (Word of warning – this COULD happen even if your Bitizen’s partner refuses to have sex before marriage because of their religious beliefs or some other reason! 10 Best Sororit Judging from chatter on Twitter, these new interactions include fighting off bullying, having relationships or flings with your classmates or teachers, and receiving detention and other punishments for behaving badly. This doesn’t seem to always be the case, especially if your Popularity is rather low, but messing with teacher is often a good way to get some positive attention from your classmates.

It’s a rather small wrinkle added to the ever-expanding world of BitLife, albeit one that further ups the ante in terms of the game’s realism. BitLife version 1.23 is quite a hefty update, and we aren’t kidding when we are saying that it has a ton of new features. When interacting with your classmates, you have six possible interactions to choose from – Compliment, Conversation, Flirt, Gift, Insult, and Mess. All Rights Reserved. And let’s not forget the age-old dilemma of whether to ditch school and watch a movie/play video games/shoot some hoops/etc.…or stay in class and sit through another boring Math, Science, or Literature lecture. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Your student Bitizens will be evaluated based on two things for as long as they’re studying – Grades and Popularity – and it’s your duty to keep these two at a high level. How To Answer What Are You Looking For In A Sorority Sorority . The first option allows you to act like the class clown and try to get some laughs out of your classmates, while the second and third are rather similar – Disrespecting a teacher takes things a bit personal as this allows you to criticize your teacher’s ability or to outright swear at them in front of the entire class, while Insulting them is, how shall we say it, more childish than the Disrespect option. The latter is a special stat that only comes into play when you’re trying out for a sports team, and it appears to be randomized – good looks, for instance, do not seem to play a part in determining a Bitizen’s Athleticism, though we’ve noticed that once you turn 14 and can start going to the gym, it’s possible to improve on this stat a bit. The leaderboards are now here to show how just how far. The first thing you’ll notice among the options once you hit the sixth or seventh grade is the option to take up an extracurricular activity. So far, we’ve seen some really far-out numbers, with some Bitizens who could easily put Jeff Bezos to shame by amassing a net worth in the HUNDRED TRILLIONS. Study/Work Harder) in order to improve your performance. From elementary school to high school, you will have the option to visit the school Nurse, though don’t expect to get a pick-me-up in terms of Health if you happen to have gotten your butt kicked after another schoolyard scrap. BitLife version 1.23 made sure to make the educational experience as realistic as possible, and has done so, among other ways, by giving your Bitizens multiple educators to interact with – in elementary school, this would include your class’ teacher, your music and PE teachers, and your principal/headmaster, and in junior high and high school, you’ll be dealing with teachers for various subjects along with your principal/headmaster.

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