depart from departure transit hub

Upon arriving at Changi Airport, you will be met by our airport staff and guided to a Transit Holding Area (THA) in the terminal your next flight will be departing from. Terminal 1: this terminal hosts boarding gated from 1 to 7, from 9 to 12 and from 14 to 16.

Here, on the departure level, passengers may enjoy the benefits … Carpets are vacuumed daily by autonomous cleaning robots equipped with a HEPA filter that catches fine particles, including dust and pollen, while vacuuming. Get the latest information from Singapore Airlines / SilkAir. For more details and the list of outlets which remain open in Changi Airport and Jewel, please, ENSURING A SAFE ENVIRONMENT FOR PASSENGERS AND STAFF, Information from Singapore-based Airlines. Seats in the THAs are vacuumed and wiped regularly with disinfectant. Passengers who transit through Changi Airport can expect a new experience that has been designed to protect the health and safety of passengers and workers, while remaining convenient and comfortable.

Many contactless hand sanitisers are available for use in the THAs.

Depending on the airline’s policy, eligible passengers may also use the airlines' lounge during their transit time.

Cookies are used on this site for various reasons such as to understand how the site is used and how you interact with the site so that we can offer you an enhanced and personalised experience. There is temperature taking at the entrance of the THA, and only transit passengers and authorised airport staff can enter. Products offered include those sold by Shilla Cosmetics and Perfumes, and Gift by Changi Airport. SEARCH. In addition, we have deployed autonomous cleaning robots that are equipped with a misting machine that disinfects the carpets after cleaning. After arriving at Hong Kong International Airport, simply follow the directional sign guiding you to the departures level for boarding gates. We want you to have an enjoyable experience! Passengers interested in connecting through Changi Airport to reach their final destination should consult their airline on options available. See

You will be able to purchase light meals, snacks and drinks from vending machines or on-site kiosks. full list of postal services available. Other amenities at the THA include a snooze area, a nursing station, a play area for your children, Internet stations and free wi-fi. Wish Post — is not the only postal service that you can track at PackageRadar.See full list of postal services available. You can find out more in our Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy. While transiting through Changi, we have implemented safety measures at every stage of the journey to protect both passengers and airport staff. At the THA, you can enjoy comfortable seating while waiting for your next flight. Passengers with connecting flights between KLIA and klia2 can enjoy the free round-the-clock shuttle transfer services between the two terminals. Each staff will have their temperature taken before entering the area. Status «In transit - Arrived at the waypoint», Arrived Shipping Partner Facility, USPS Awaiting Item, Your item arrived at a shipping partner facility . Transit Inter-Terminal Transfer Section Heading Departures Arrivals Chat With Us Contact Us Mobile App The Butterfly Effect; Find an Arriving Flight X. Singapore Post tracking packages — it's our job! Detailed information for Port of SINGAPORE, SG SIN. Entering and exiting a restroom is also a contactless process.

KLIA2 Menu Background.

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