fenwick aetos vs orvis clearwater

Feel was decent but not as good as the best rods. This is a category that we have previously used in 6-weight Shootouts, but have newly applied it to the “Power” 5-weight Rods. A brown composite wood insert is used that complements the guide wrap color. 4. Let us know in the comments below what new information you learned from our Fenwick AETOS Fly Rod review, and where you like to cast your line. T&T uses a silver anodized aluminum skeleton seat with a single up-locking ring, which seems to work well enough.

The rest of the guides are hard chrome snake guides. 1 fly rod in the sub-$200 price range. G. Loomis – Lifetime warranty to original owner.

We think that the best guides above the stripping guide are the flexible nickel/titanium single foot and snake guides, but these are much more expensive than the heaver, hard chrome versions. I’m getting nicely formed loops and pretty good accuracy that is not far off the better rods. Nearly everyone is using one-coat epoxy coatings over the guide wraps now, but if they are not very carefully applied, they are often sloppy or add unnecessary weight. This rod also comes in several sizes ranging from 7-feet 6-inches up to 9-feet. $35 handling fee. I might ask it to do some nymphing or even throw a small streamer. On the other hand we have found the Asquith rods to be one of the toughest and most durable rods we’ve ever sold. Tracks well, and is giving me nice tight loops and good accuracy. Once we did all the casting to compare the two rods, it was obvious that the SKY G was a lighter rod in swing weight, and performed better at short to medium distances, where we gave it perfect scores. Before casting, we stretch out the fly lines and leaders, and then leave the extra fly line piled in front of each rod. Attractive wood insert spacers that are finished well add to the aesthetic value of any rod. Good feel and accuracy in close despite a heavier swing weight than the Zephrus. Stick with well-known fly fishing brands that are dedicated to creating a quality, affordable stick. Nearly all the top rods today are using extremely good quality cork in their grips.

Much of the time when you are fishing dry flies, and hooking smaller trout, you can just strip the fish in, but if you are fishing nymphs or streamers with heavier tippet like 2x-4x, you’ll want to play the larger fish on the reel, and this requires a smooth drag that you can adjust easily. And with high ratings on a ton of WETFLY’s other products, including its previous Nitrogen rod series, I’d expect to see that stay stable. Or are you looking to buy the right fly rod as a gift? Other repairs usually take 4-8 weeks. The SKY G is an attractive rod, finished in a dark gray color, with black wraps. $75 handling fee to original owner, $150.00 charge to all others. Here’s a category that we used in our last 4-weight Shootout, and one that we feel is important when you are trying to judge the best 5-weight Presentation Rods. There are lots of ways to break a fish off on light tippet, but the rods that score high in this category are going to give you a far better chance of landing a big fish. And you can only find that out by reading a Fenwick AETOS Fly Rod review.

At 45 feet, both the Presentation and Power Rods need to be light and pleasant enough to do a lot of false casting, as you will when fishing dry flies all day long. They are both the same price , around $198-199. 3. Yes, the craftsmanship is not quite as good as the other presentation rods, but what can you expect for under two hundred bucks? The blank is sanded only very lightly, and then finished so that you can see the tape marks. A more flexible tip would help a lot in close. By setting all the rods in an identical manner, it is easy to take a few casts with one rod, at say 45 feet, then pick up another rod and cast the same distance with that outfit. Same day or next day shipping if they have the parts in stock, if not, usually takes 2 weeks. I felt that it gave me a little more feel and accuracy at 25 feet than did the LP+. The wraps are a complementary dark green to match the blank and the epoxy coatings are very nicely done.

The Radian was far better.

And that they are known worldwide as innovators in the fly fishing world. The G series is softer and much more of a medium-action rod, and many anglers that prefer a medium action have loved this rod. A gorgeous amboyna burl wood insert is used to complete this attractive rod. Unlike those who think fly rod action is the most confusing, I’m in the camp of line weight being the most mind-boggling. Fenwick flies under the radar in the fly fishing community, perhaps due to the fact that it also manufactures spinning and baitcasting rods. No handling fee. The stiffer tip is not giving me any feel and the accuracy is terrible. $35 handling fee. Anglers love the Aetos for long-range casting. Only the NRX+ LP was as good. Like the Radian, the craftsmanship is top notch and what we have come to expect from Scott.

A fancy burled wood insert is used. Then we read (and note) the weight indicated by the scale. CTRL + SPACE for auto-complete.

Rods that are light in overall weight and swing weight, and ones that have softer tips, eliminate a lot of break offs caused by an inadvertent heavy-handed hook set. The gray anodized double up-locking skeleton reel seat uses nylon washers on the rings that give a very secure lock up. If you look at the first deflection chart that shows the NRX LP with the SKY G you’ll see how similarly these rods deflect; this was very evident when we cast the rods out on the lawn. They started in a friend’s unused double garage located near Lake Fenwick, thus the name. Nice loops and decent performance at mid-range, but the top rods were substantially better. But you’re not ready to purchase a rod yet — there’s still more to consider. The most expensive power rod, the G. Loomis Asquith is $1100.00 but it did clobber the other Power Rods in the Performance Only class. A resurgence of high-quality, lower-priced fly rods is being led by mainstream companies like Redington and Echo. He and Chloe are also responsible for many of the great photographs you’ll find in our Shootouts. 6. The blank is finished in a deep ruby metallic red. For the overall weight, we simply place each rod horizontally on the scale, read the weight and round it off to one tenth of an ounce. Anglers have loved the performance it provides at a nice price.

From freshwater to the brand’s big game and saltwater rods, switch and spey, and a collection of travel (six-piece!) For manufacturing defects on rods under current warranty, rods are repaired or replaced at St. Croix’s discretion for $20, including shipping. The more expensive rods in this Shootout like the Orvis Helios 3F and 3D are $100 more at $898.00. The Zephrus is a product of another master rod designer, England’s Howard Croston. I developed a reputation as one of the best anglers in both fresh and salt water and many leading many rod makers and manufacturers consult with me in their rod design process. The good-looking reel seat is silver anodized single up-lock design with a nylon locking ring that provided a secure lock-up. The idea here is to measure the swing weight at the middle of where your palm is likely to sit on the grip. The first competitor in this Fenwick AETOS Fly Rod review is the 590 Classic Trout by Redington.

Available in five 9′ weights from 4-8 and a 3/4-weight 10’5” nymphing rig, it covers a lot of the basics. Looking at the figures for swing weight, the Shadow is heavier than our top five presentation rods. The Aetos has a limited lifetime warranty. Some of our comments are going to be negative, but you won’t find our reviews like ours in any of the fly-fishing magazines. This rod is often called the TFO Lefty Kreh rod. A gold anodized aluminum double up-locking skeleton seat is used with a very good-looking olive wood burl spacer to complement the color of the blank. The cork handle is Winston’s familiar cigar style, with the swell slightly forward of the middle. My son James is also a dedicated fly fisherman and has developed into a great caster and a person who I can trust in judging a rod’s performance. We gave perfect scores of 10 to the R.L Winston rods, the Thomas and Thomas rods and the Loomis Asquith.

Many anglers use them only for fishing dry flies, while others use them primarily for nymph fishing, often with an indicator, two nymphs and even some weight like split shot. Even inexpensive rods built in both Korea and China are surprisingly good. Here are some of the things we look for when evaluating inexpensive fly rods. The Scott G Series is a new rod to our 5-weight Shootout, unlike its brother the Radian, which has placed consistently in the top three in our last several 5-weight Shootouts. Standard size cork rings are used and the cork quality is absolutely the best we’ve seen. A 12-foot leader keeps the fly line farther away from the fish, minimizing the number of fish you will spook while casting. We stand by our methodology since most anglers that take the time to give us their feedback have agreed with our opinions. In 1967 Phil Clock moved the Fenwick operations to Westminister and in 1968 Fenwick absorbed the Grissly blank operation, and Don Green rejoined the company. If the rod is broken because of a defect, or while fishing, replacement is free.

And in line weights from two to six. Casting and rating the performance of the rods at different distances is the real meat of our Shootouts, and also the reason we have separated out a chart that includes only the performance figures.

I’m getting lots of feel and excellent accuracy at close range. There are no other rods in our Shootout that are as smooth, dampen as quickly, or track as well as the NRX+ rods.

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