firbeck colliery deaths

[9] The colliery was called Firbeck colliery, although the village of the same name is located more than 2 miles (3.2 km) to the north west of the village of Langold. Worksop Courthouse Firbeck Colliery Memorial Page. Langold, 14-09-1935 8, Cross Street Worksop, Joseph Potter Slater 30, Firbeck Crescent Worksop Courthouse Died 04-03-1939, 07-03-1939 The lakes were separated by a weir with an arched bridge over a boathouse by the 1890s. Soon, 70 children were taken to Carlton-in-Lindrick each day, and 90 infants were taught in the room above the Co-op. [7] Wollaston White sold the Langold estate to Thomas Place of Northallerton in early 1927, once coal had been found, and Place sold it to the Firbeck Colliery Company in July 1927. 49, Mellish Road It closed on 31 December 1968, and many of the miners moved to other local pits at Maltby, Manton, Shireoaks and Steetley.[13]. 13, Devonshire Street Langold, 13-12-1934 Worksop Police Station, Leslie Cowgill 18, School Lane 9, Cavendish Place Worksop Courthouse As a 'model village' similar to Creswell (Derbyshire) and Manton (Worksop), Langold village contains numerous features of architectural and historical interest. The infant school catered for 388 children, the junior school 360, and the senior school 384, although some pupils went to one of the Retford schools if they passed their 11+ examination. Firbeck Main Colliery Offices, Bernard Leslie Amos Langold, 17-07-1928 While there are references to settlement in the geographical area which is now Langold from 1246,[2] before the early twentieth century it consisted of farmland and parkland in the estates of Firbeck and Hodsock. Amos, Bernard Leslie, 29 Aug 1953, aged 16, Crushed by a manrider Arthur, Lawrence, 30 Jan 1940, aged 49, Killed by a fall of roof [1] It was built to provide housing for the miners of Firbeck Colliery between 1923 and 1927, and Langold Lakes Country Park is situated on the south-western edge of the village. Died 22-09-1935, 24-09-1935 Worksop Courthouse Langold is a village in Bassetlaw, north Nottinghamshire, England. 38, Doncaster Road Died 30-09-1934, 04-10-1934 Caught in a conveyor. 11-12-1933. [17], Management of the lakes was made easier in 1992, when the Local Government Boundary Commission for England reviewed the boundaries for the Metropolitan Borough of Rotherham. Carlton Road Langold, 12-06-1934 The headgear for the shafts was completed by late 1923, and a 180-foot (55 m) chimney was constructed in under 13 weeks. Knight's lakes provided leisure facilities for the miners once the village had been built. 6, Ramsden Avenue Langold, 27-05-1940 Following years of neglect, the lido was removed and the bandstand refurbished in 2013, while new play equipment was added in 2014. [7], Shops and stalls started to appear almost as soon as people moved into the village, selling provisions to those sinking the shafts. Langold, 23-09-1932 81, Hardwick Road 34, Mellish Road 01-05-1934 Firbeck Main Colliery Offices. Worksop Courthouse There were about 200 ponies employed in the mine, with about half below ground at any time, while the other half occupied the fields around Langold Lake. [21] The village is overshadowed by Firbeck Pit tip, where the spoil was dumped, and the derelict mine buildings still stand to the south of the village. Of particular note is the foundation stone of St Lukes Church on Church Street inscribed "To the glory of God. Langold, 09-12-1925 Langold, 04-10-1937 The first school in the village was an iron building, originally constructed in 1906 in Forest Town near Mansfield Woodhouse and moved in 1924. Photograph Galleries, Firbeck Main Colliery Manton, 05-10-1945 12-06-1934 Died 30-09-1934. Langold, 15-11-1955 Worksop Police Station, Thomas Henry Thircle Langold, 00-05-1950 When the going gets tough - the tough get going. William Cocking 55, Riddell Avenue Langold. 16, Doncaster Road Carlton in Lindrick, 19-06-1935 Following the nationalisation of the coal industry in 1946, the National Coal Board became responsible for the park, and made improvements to the leisure facilities. The village school was recently named 'best in Worksop' and the lively church housed in the old cinema continues to run many activities for young people, children and residents of Langold. Langold, 25-11-1940 Worksop Courthouse 79, Mellish Road Langold is a thriving community, which has been expanded with the addition of new houses and shops. 2, Knott End The councils for Nottinghamshire, Bassetlaw and Rotherham all agreed to moving the boundary, so that it followed recognisable features in the landscape. Worksop, Harry Barlow 04-10-1934 Worksop Police Station. Our military, industrial and historical heritage is fast disappearing under the pressure of regeneration, the need for new housing, and often through simple neglect; Our aim is to document these places before they disappear entirely. Names of those killed at this colliery Please note that this collection of names is by no means complete! Died 29-11-1955, 08-12-1955 Died 14-12-1925, 16-12-1925 Knight created plantations and a series of ponds and lakes in Langold Park, and intended to build a mansion, but although he had built st… 311 likes. Willow Road Firbeck Main Colliery Offices, James Lomas No record found, John Hazelhurst Firbeck Main Colliery Offices, Robert Lee 52, School Road 4, Church Street 55, Riddell Avenue Dinnington Yorkshire, John Edward Brooks North Carlton, 04-07-1945 Firbeck Main Colliery Offices, James Royles Gouldin Six boilers supplied steam for the winding engines, and a Baume washer capable of washing 160 tons of coal per hour was installed.[10]. Water lane David Holmes 4, Church Street Langold. Langold, 04-09-1953 North Carlton, 08-06-1936 Created to remember those that lost their lives at Firbeck Colliery A place to share your memories and celebrate the lives of all Firbeck Miners Langold, 00-00-1924 Worksop Courthouse Worksop, 26-10-1948 Firbeck Main Colliery Offices, William Moore Langold, 21-01-1926 Shireoaks, 13-04-1933 Firbeck Main Colliery Offices, David Greaves Alan's Menu Died 27-01-1926, 29-01-1926 James Lomas 76, White Avenue Langold . Water lane Problems gradually occurred, as the mine was affected by water, ventilation difficulties and geological faults. Langold, 19-01-1948 24. Worksop Police Station, Burnt in the Boiler East School Road Langold Lakes, which were originally built by the Gally Knight family,[7] now form part of a Country Park, which includes recreational areas, walks and wildlife habitats. Firbeck Main Colliery Offices, Harold Anthony Wright 21, Doncaster Road Langold, 13-12-1933 Worksop Courthouse Worksop, Archibald Gibb The Wallingwells Boring Company was created, and German engineers carried out some test drilling in a field which was part of Costhorpe Farm.

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