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Even though you do what you do because you love it, you also want the world to listen and watch your stuff because you and your “dawgs” think it’s dope.

After being dissapointed with how the video did considering the fact it was posted on GRM daily with over 2 Million subscribers, the song being a good song and the video being a very good video with meme worthy parts, I instantly knew that GRM wasn’t worth it. Fee Gonzales - Slide [Music Video] | GRM Daily. Manual data entry tasks are fully replaced with intelligent character recognition and automated data capture. (this is the business man in me speaking). Remember, I’m also a digital marketer, so, I ran some Facebook and Instagram paid ads to bring views to the video. Did you know GRM Document Management has been the leader in document storage, document scanning, and shredding services for 30 years?

Follow. And having account-level security and document versioning ensures that you’re always compliant with the latest document retention, records management, and reporting regulations. CPM Desktop Display Web Publisher Companies, Konica Minolta Business Solutions Australia. The rapper is presented with a steady beat which he flows over with some deep lyrics for around three minutes. Even though they own the platform and own the millions of users on it, anytime someone streams and plays your music, you get revenue from that. The Presidential Hustle is a modern blog and brand that focuses on creating thought leading and innovative content that provides knowledge, information and guidance to people in fields such as digital technology, marketing, motivation and lifestyle.

Remember, it is not their fault once again – they have to get income in and they have to keep the uploads going but is that a Win-Win situation for you? Up and coming independent artistes already have a lot of things fighting against them, we shouldn’t be adding more to it. Google has off-loaded static content (Javascript/Images/CSS) to a different domain name in an effort to reduce bandwidth usage and increase network performance for the end user. That’s why you see channels or pages having high number of subscribers or followers but their post only gets little engagement in comparison to their follower base. Through the renewing of the bio and forest industries, UPM is build... N3 is an integrated sales and marketing execution firm. Blac Chyna is officially OnlyFans’ top earner thanks to her £15 million a month in earnings from the platform. I have spent just about £35 on Youtube Ads so far. As an independent artiste, your number one goal is to always ensure that your content is in front of as much people as possible. GRM Daily has grown to a point where as an independent artiste in the UK, the first place you want your music video on is GRM Daily. Some have the GOLD tag “GRM PREMIER” and others have the “GRM DAILY” white tag on the thumbnail. We also share information about your use of our site with our media and analytics partners. (So, if you do plan to release with GRM, make sure y’all agree on a thumbnail that will grab attention. All rights reserved. GRM Daily has had over 150 Million Youtube Views and 80 Million website visits. moment.js is a date library for parsing, validating, manipulating, and formatting dates. to view all GRM Daily. However, if you look at it from another angle, it’s not all roses and these are the reasons why: Advice to Independent Artistes (Should you use GRM Daily?

Okay, they said they will post 1 tweet of your video link.

Contact the team on [email protected] if you want to find out more about the site or how we can work with you. The Instagram story post only stays there for 24 hours anyways, so in 24 hours time, it’s gone! GRM Daily, home to the very best in urban entertainment, is the most visited urban music website in the UK. As a business person myself, I understand that but at the same time, I also believe that as a business grows and they have more success, they are in a much more better position to be of help than they were when they started. This video is unavailable. I didn’t know who he was but from going through his page, I found out he was the founder.

The gold tag “GRM PREMIER” thumbnail on videos will always make the white ones tagged as “GRM DAILY” seem less important and this makes people sub-consciously choose not to engage with them and by this happening – artistes are not getting their monies worth because that’s one more thing against them.

Submissions Here you have the opportunity to submit your own music videos, beats, mix tapes etc.. to our team. I’m very sure GRM didn’t have a million subscribers then and they were already seen as a successful brand making money? There's not much else to know, you email them a submission, if they accept it they'll probably reply via email requesting payment. From the moment of implementation, as all your business processes and tasks become connected, our predictive data analytics and machine learning system begins to analyze every task. contacts and reviews! Upload it to own YT channel and if still spending £300 is important, run FB and instagram ads. (Now, don’t quote me on that, I don’t know for a fact if “known” artistes have to pay as well but from common sense, I think GRM will be happy to have the “known” artiste’s video exclusively on their channel and wouldn’t charge them for that.

The Core Graphics framework is based on the Quartz advanced drawing engine.

This simple act of “gold tagging” some and “white tagging” others also plays a role in limiting how many people will end up watching your video as an “unknown independent artiste”. Daily News, videos, music, freestyles, interviews, awards, podcasts, fashion, gaming, we got you covered. The Pros and Cons of Uploading Your Music Video to your Own Channel Vs GRM Daily and co ?

Get a demo of GRM’s content services today to see how we can help your company turn data, records, information and file management processes into competitive business advantages. The video currently has 52,000 views on GRM Daily as of today. This collection of documents provides the API reference for the Quartz Core framework, which supports image processing and video image manipulation. I also knew that instead of paying them £300, I will use that £300 to run paid promotions and I was certain that with my skillset, I can start racking in views in no time. It even costs more to shoot a music video that it costs to record an audio! The Change from “Exceptional Talent Visa” to “Global Talent Visa” 2020 Update. who knows). Well, for £300, your video will be uploaded to their channel, synced to their website and they will post out 1 tweet of the upload on twitter. It’s clear that the videos with Gold thumbnail tag gets significantly more views than the ones with the white tag because the viewers instantly perceive the Gold tagged ones as premium, of higher quality, to be watched or Exclusive even though that is not always true.

So, if a page has 2 Million followers / subscribers, you can bet your ass that only 10% will see or engage with the page’s new posts (except they are looking for it). How to Add a Picture To Your Apple Music Artist Profile ?

If only 10% of people click the link in the description and a video gets 10k views (which is the average amount of views a video gets on GRM) that’s 1000 new people who will have streamed the song and that brings in some revenue to the artiste. at GRM Daily’s submission team discretion. To fully round up the post, both as a business man and an independent artiste, I believe I can give one or two points as to how GRM Daily can do better and help independent artistes who pay them get more exposure and ultimately some type of return on their investment. No middle men, if they can be cut off.

A shirt t... We are The Content + Connections Agency. Link us your channel,i'll ask him and see what he says. READ, GRM Featured in Gartner Magic Quadrant and.

It's worth also checking out SBTV and Link UP TV. The Change from “Exceptional Talent Visa” to “Global Talent Visa” 2020 Update. (maybe even get some groupies with it?

Access the Thalamus Performance Trading Desk. As of the day this post is written, GRM Daily currently has 2.36 Million subscribers on their channel and obviously thousands and thousands of music videos from both independent / up-coming artistes to the “A lists” ones. When I was writing this post, I did some research and found out that in 2016 – Jammer called out GRM daily and SBTv for ‘not giving to the youth’ a.k.a Making money off creatives but not putting enough back in their pocket. Sign Up I hope this post has been somewhat insightful, helpful or added value in some way.

For £300, you can have your video on GRM and it can potentially be in from of their 2.36 Million subscribers. I’m just creating content, challenging the status quo, pointing out things no one wants to talk about and attempting to create a narrative where independent artistes who pay money get their money’s worth and get some type of Return on Investment.

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Companies can now fully optimize or automate their organizations’ workflows without spending a fortune on additional systems, business process management consultants, or expensive audits. We review all submissions and if we feel your content has a place on the Link Up TV website or featured on the Link Up TV YouTube channel we will be in touch with you. Click here

I knew I would upload it on my channel, so by doing this – I will grow my subscriber-base, have full control over the video tags, tittle, description of the video itself, thumbnail and much more.

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