homemade deodorant without baking soda

A previous comment mentioned it was too greasy.

My only complaint is that it is very hard to apply. Hmmmmm, good question. I’m so glad you are introducing her to a natural and healthy alternative to the toxic products on most store shelves! My body had to adjust from using antiperspirants but by the end of this week, it’s working and it smells great. Melt coconut oil, mango butter and beeswax in a double boiler. I forgot DE in my batch. If you make it with cocoa butter, please report back your findings! After a year of trying to handle the burning under my armpits I gave up and looked for a new homemade deodorant without baking soda. Hi Jess, Just wanted to say I received my 2 ounce deoderant the other day and I love it! I had been using a baking soda/cornstarch/coconut oil homemade deodorant for about 5 years, but it started irritating me, my hubby, and our daughter, so I found your recipe while looking for a … Truly the most successful DIY recipe I’ve tried. Sweating is your body’s natural way of ridding toxins, so it’s really a good thing.

This post was shared at- Thank Goodness It’s Monday, Show Me What Ya Got, Let’s Get Social Sunday, & The Pin Junkie. My shirt was wet but smelled fresh ! Your email address will not be published. .5 oz of shea butter is about 1 tablespoon (1.04) Also, you might need to reapply, especially at first, since your body is adjusting. Thanks for sharing! I am sensitive to coconuts, almonds and apricots. It definitely at least totally healed all the red and irritation and is wonderful for keeping the skin calm. I have no way of measuring ounces. Or, go back to my. Any tips or advice?

No, unfortunately I do not create my DIY recipes using T and tsp. . Let me know though if you ever get the new recipe posted please that you said was super de-funking. I used kaolin clay instead of DE (did not have any..), don’t know if that is why it did not work for me (I have been using deo with BS or just coconut oil previously), but my daughter and boyfriend loved this. It is really good that you explained the benefits of each ingredient because it made me understand its importance and how your recipe will work on the body to fight the stink.

Hi, I just read your comments about BS and how it is harsh for the skin. In that case, I simply wouldn't pour the bottom part. By adding DE into your homemade deodorant, you are giving your sensitive skin a nice dose of DE (essentially, silica) which helps with sensitive areas of skin that might become rashy and it also helps to draw out toxins. I would give it a try, for sure. It’s fantastic! It’s the only ingredient I don’t have at home right now. The DE is crucial in this recipe. I understand and respect your Vegan lifestyle and desire to not use beeswax. It was hard to get out and took a few washes each time. can i do away with both? I did not use the one I made because it was so dark and I thought it would cause staining. I feel so good they aren’t exposing themselves to dangerous chemicals.

Now it lasts me all day. Hi there. Let me know if you do try. Also, if you want a stronger scent from the deo, you can always add a few more EO drops (so long as it isn’t irritating you) and you can also add a bit more DE. Hi there. That’s why I always prefer it to by from online store like amazon.com.

Will adjust the amount of hard and soft fats for next time ’cause I like mine in a jar . This looks like a great alternative for me as I’m suffering from the baking soda based deodorant. The first time I used DE from capsules, because I had them on hand. Former Registered Dietitian turned stay-at-home mom to two young children, and wannabe farmer. It worked, but caused quite a bit if irritation. What can I add to make the deodorant a softer consistency? When I woke up i sniffed and got a wiff of something a little off :/ I was using a previous DIY deo with baking soda but it caused darkness and irritation (IT DID WORK THO). Rather trying to not sweat where things that are sweat friendly and endeavor to make your sweat inoffensive. A very small percentage (from what I’m reading approx. 01. Hi ! Get natural living tips and the latest from the blog! Who would of thought to add it to deodorant. I made a similar deodorant (just altered the essential oils), while it worked very well, it started smelling rancid soon after a month or so. Thank you so much for the amazing recipe. If you can work through this period and not have to go back to irritating baking soda or aluminum filled products, you’ll be really happy.

After reading through all of these comments and seeing the question asked repeatedly about needing the recipe measured in cups, tsp., etc., I would like to make the suggestion of going to a website that converts it for you; grams into tablespoons and the like. I need to research its topical use so first though. For me, the essential oil scent is enough to keep odor at bay, unless I have a particularly stressful day. If so what ingredient would I add more of to dilute this? I love it. Sure, you can up the EOs a bit. I think that you will be pleasantly surprised. Do I absolutely have to use a scale (don’t own one)? .05 isn’t much of an ounce its like 1/20th of an ounce. When I apply, my armpits do look brown! , Thanks for stopping by and for the kind words,

Is there any way that I could amp up the odor fighting of this deodorant? Baking soda is just too harsh, the lavender keeps mosquitoes away too!

Meanwhile, add a bit more DE &/or EOs to help give it a stronger ‘punch’. Apply on underarms with a light layer. When you say sage, would clary sage work and is that what you meant? After going through breast cancer treatment though, I refuse to use antiperspirant and none of the natural deodorants in the stores actually work. Please try again. Pour milk of magnesia into container of choice. I’ll use it tomorrow and let you know how it works! Yes, I am sure that you must always keep a supply on hand for your chicken coop. Can i substitute tapioca/ cassava flour for the arrowrrot powder? My only “complaint” is that it’s a bit hard.

Hope this helps. Plus receive a free printable label! I’m new to essential oils so can someone explain when it is okay to keep them in plastic containers? I’m so happy that you love it. Just having a few measurements off (or even a different brand of Diatomaceous Earth) might have made the difference. Thanks again for your help! Your email address will not be published. Okay, now that you’ve been schooled on the ingredients, finally…the simple recipe.
The recipe was easy to make too which was awesome. So glad you found us! Hi Jessica You know, I don’t see why not. The main ingredient of this deodorant is coconut oil. I am very interested! If you have any insight for me on how to get it out of the clothing, I would greatly appreciate it. Happy to be of help! You can find an affordable scale online through Amazon, or possibly at a big box retailer. Is Diatomaceous earth clogging pores which stops body from sweating? I’m using Lavilin underarm cream, and while it’s by far better than all the other brands I have tried, I am definitely open to explore other options as well. Bummed it doesn’t work as well. I just wanted to leave a comment on my experiences with this recipe. Unfortunately I can’t always reapply midday so I looked online and I found a simple recipe (simple is good for me) which contained baking soda. Also would you consider putting Fahrenheit and Celsius degrees in this recipe, as I think it would be helpful to European ect. I am interested in your posts on coconut.

For EOs I used tea tree, eucalyptus, and lavender. I know you mentioned that our armpits need to detox, but, wouldn’t 7 months of using a totally clean deodorant have detoxed my armpits? . I do have a sensitivity to latex (wish I had read the comments earlier) but we will see how it go Love following you on facebook. Then I read the comments on facebook and noticed there was a concern that the DE could cut your skin? You should use unrefined raw coconut oil for this purpose. Many with sensitive skin and issues like Eczema get a bad reaction to it. You could add less beeswax, too. 5 drops of roman chamomile essential oil. Yes, it is completely safe to use…food grade, that is.

I have not had the stench. Oh, and Lavender has some super qualities for skincare (read about essential oils in a post I wrote here). Your email address will not be published. Thank you!! Thanks so much! You can always add a few more drops (so long as it isn’t irritating you) and you can also add a bit more DE. This is a go-to for deodorant recipes, for good reason. ), you are using a new product and should give it more than one try. High level of aluminum is responsible for Alzheimer’s disease and cancer. Shelf life is 2-3 months, but may keep even longer in the fridge. I’m looking forward to it…I need something more to help with my odor. Raw and unrefined shea butter is high in vitamins A and E and is incredibly soothing for your skin. Hello….which Coconut Oil from TT do you use as their are different kinds & prices??? Because I love the DIY stuff!!! (I wanted to make sure it was exactly like the version in the recipe). I am very sad. I have Redmonds Clay – can that be used instead of DE? Homemade deodorant without baking soda (that actually works for 24 hours!) Do health food stores sell DE?

You can read more about DE here. I use a recipe similar to this. I was looking at the stronger deodorant recipe but I’m not a fan of Neem oil. Mix well and carefully pour the into deodorant container. Also, sometimes (depending on the brand of DE) you might have larger granules. Thanks for stopping by to let me (and my readers!)
I added 8 drops of tea tree oil for its anti bacterial properties and 14 drops of lemon grass oil because I totally love that scent.

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