how to whip your boyfriend

I thought he was joking but he was serious so I agreed to do it. He must render complete obedience to you with regard to disciplinary issues at all times and must be willing to carry out any and all orders you give him without question or hesitation. If Animation Stops With Playing Of Sound If you let him get into the habit of stalling after you have ordered him over, each time you give a spanking, it will become more difficult to get him to assume the position. At this visual command, he should quickly position himself across your lap. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. I have read other discipline sites that state that bruising is NEVER good. Anonymous confessions, stories and advice. Approved third parties also use these tools in connection with our display of ads. My wife gave me a bare bottom paddling right there in front of my mom with a hair brush. Election protection hotline 1-866-our-vote, For the RHOBH Fans - Erika filed for divorce from Tom Girardi, These parents on 90 Day Fiancé really have zero regard for their children, Karl-Anthony Towns reflects on the passing of his mother and the road forward, 32yo convicted of sending threats to 16yo Dutch Princess. First find a sturdy chair or bench to sit on. He had corner time while I went back inside. ( Log Out /  That lady gives me a knowing smile every time I enter the store… disgraziato. I’ll think before I do that again. I would suggest that you tell him you want to tie him down and then whip him and that you will be whipping him harder and longer than he has imagined and that it will hurt. Like you said the bed supported my weight. All rights reserved. That eventually led to the once a month thing, and we’ve been very happily married ever since. My wife have been spanking me for 5 years , but not in a continus way.Now she is spanking me every day with a belt , brush , hand and paddle. The important thing is that he is being spanked across your knee and this is what spanking is all about. For this reason you should never use a heavy or blunt instrument. Firstly it was very non-threatening and secondly it was to my advantage. Once he is across your knee, give him a few moments to get used to the fact that he is about to be spanked. Ladies I'm sure you know a few good methods up your sleeves. He also knows the girdle won’t come off until morning. She paddles me hard!!! I think support is not the Word but im trying to say that my spankings are too hard for me , but i want then harder. Been awhile but she did get me good the other day . Your wife or you. He thought he was totally humiliated.

We agreed that I would never again spank her, but if she thought I needed one, then she would give it to me. If you give a spanking the way it should be given, the results should still show a week later. You are right about trying to push her. It’ll either be your job or his, so the lines will never get blurred. How about just using your hand rather than a hairbrush or other instrument? The next position where he lays down is suitable for any instrument. After viewing product detail pages, look here to find an easy way to navigate back to pages you are interested in. © 1996-2020,, Inc. or its affiliates. When you let him up, his eyes should be wet with tears, his knees should be quivering, and it should be obvious by looking at his bottom that he is displaying the marks left after a GOOD session.

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