logitech k480 vs k380

Type comfortably when using your smartphone or tablet with this Logitech K380 920-007558 wireless keyboard, which lets you pair with up to 3 devices using the Bluetooth interface and features a lightweight, compact design for easy portability. Anker CB310 vs Logitech MK520: High Functioning Wireless Keyboards. Thank you! This further makes the K780 a fit for business use even in an open office environment with many people hitting those keys all the time without building a wall of sound. The weight, the size, the odd ginourmous slot and dial, all serving the ultimate high functionality of this keyboard.

https://twitter.com/ChristopherIsak/status/910922191721713664. Logitech K480 on Amazon Both the Logitech K480 and the K780 have a great feeling and design. Has anyone have or used the Logitech K811 keyboard made for Mac. People working in offices and just want a keyboard with more functions and options should get the Logitech K780. It seamlessly switches between three devices without breaking a sweat (I have it set up with an Android tablet; an Android phone; and an iPhone--haven’t needed to re-pair any of them), Great battery life (I’ve yet needed to change my batteries after using it near daily for over a month--I am, however, careful to switch it off after I’ve finished using it), The low battery indicator is on the bottom of the keyboard rather than in a more visible location (the logic of this baffles me).

Some might be reminded of classic typewriter button designs from the past, but it doesn’t feel like forced retro, it just looks and feels right. Logitech K750 vs. K800: Two compact and lightweight Logitech wireless keyboard options. 1. Its compact 65% design is easier to slip in a backpack than the full-sized K780. Since 2014 - We want to inform and entertain people from all over the world. Logitech K360 vs Logitech K380: One Step Ahead, Logitech K480 vs Logitech K760: Technology of the Future, Logitech K480 vs Logitech K810: Bluetooth Technology at its Finest, Logitech K480 vs Logitech K811: More style, Integrated cradle to hold tablets and phones, Can connect to three devices simultaneously, Automatically map keys to connected devices for familiar layout and favorite shortcuts, Three quick buttons to switch between connected devices. Get both? I felt that both K780 design and function was centered around the modern workplace and office use. The weight of this Logitech keyboard might be considered too heavy for some people. This is useful for switch-tasking. This site is a free online resource that strives to offer helpful content and comparison features to its visitors. Of course, you can also just as well use it at home on the couch, desk, or anywhere else. Whether you’re a casual keyboard user, gamer, coder or writer, a keyboard should not only look cool but also give you as much comfort as it offers functions. However, the K780 is better-built and features scissor switches that offer a much better overall typing quality than the K480's rubber dome switches. I didn’t even need to unpack my laptop to do some proper work, and when you’re not hammering the keys, you’re also not making much noise that could disturb others in the train. On the K780 the keys are actually circles with a little dent in them which makes it really comfortable to press. * This unique keyboard with integrated smartphone/tablet cradle makes it a breeze to switch between typing on three different Bluetooth devices. Logitech K380 vs K811 for Mac. The K480 features big raised keys, is weighty and has a form factor that is unique among keyboards. Logitech MK345 vs. MK270: Which Logitech will get your job done right? I felt that it was quite fun to type on these keyboards and I felt that I could type very fast and long time without any pain in my arms, hands or fingers. What do you think? Switching to other devices is done via potentiometer which is kind of cool.

In fact, Company/product listings on this page DO NOT imply endorsement by the site operator. It has all the keys that a PC has, but I'm using it on an iOS (iPad Air 2), which I love. Hi there and thanks for reading my article! , YouTube: Unboxing Logitech Keyboards (Gaming and Multi-Device). It has been a thousand-years when the first lock was invented,... Have you ever found something interesting and unusual that wasn't familiar to you? Advertiser Disclosure. From long battery life they both have to the large compatibility options, the Logitech K480 and the K380 …

­ All Rights Reserved. The keyboard size is very comfortable for anyone using a standard laptop. To avoid such issues, a flexible holder would have been an excellent idea. Logitech K400 vs. K400 Plus: What are the differences and similarities between these sibling wireless keyboards? Logitech MK550 vs Logitech MK520: When you need a bit more Support. Mounting slot accomodates not only many form factor tablets and phones but also at the same time. More info, Copyright © 2020 www.bestadvisor.com.

If you buy a keyboard like this, they already come with batteries included, and as per tech specs, one set of batteries last up to two years for an average user. Other than that, I didn’t really have anything else to complain about. https://twitter.com/ChristopherIsak/status/902768938253246468. Yet again, awesome!

The keys are noisy; I don’t mind this so much, but they’ll definitely be heard if you’re typing in a quiet area. Also out of warranty so Apple wont help. Yet, I wanted to share my thoughts on what could have been useful features perhaps. Bluetooth range: up to 10 m; Battery life: 2 years; On/Off power switch; Battery life indicator light ; Package Contents. Both of these keyboards from Logitech are built to connect to several devices, not at the same time, but when you need to. The only negative here is that there is no cover to protect the keys when in transit. From a subjective point of view, I also felt that the key press sound on the K780 is more silent than the K480. The Logitech K360 are Logitech K380 are stylish wireless keyboards that are portable and designed to minimize your clutter. After testing two new Logitech keyboards, we wanted to share the results with you and explain where exactly each one of these excel in comparison. Terms and Conditions

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