nescac recruiting rules

Typically, those players would have to enroll full-time in a post-secondary institution in order to retain their four years of Division I eligibility. To prevent recruits from slipping to other NESCAC rivals, coaches typically keep tabs on these athletes by phone and email. McHugh explains that the school can, “reimburse a coach for mileage and meals,” but cannot “pay for their [a recruit] transportation to Bates,” per NESCAC rules. McHugh was willing to divulge details on the academic performance of student-athletes, although he also did not provide any specific data: “The Admissions and Financial Aid Committee looked at athlete academic performance a couple years ago,” he said. There are certain aspects of the student-athlete recruitment process where Bates believes that complete transparency is not the best option.

Beginning June 15 before the athlete’s junior year of high school, no more than three of the seven opportunities may be contacts each year. They also may be in contact with prospective student-athletes of appropriate age via phone, email, text, etc., and players entering junior year (grade 11) or older can make verbal commitments to schools. Weisenburger, who played varsity field hockey and lacrosse in college, summed up her feelings on Bates’ approach to student-athletes: “I personally really value the student athletic experience. Here's a quick breakdown of these changes: For more information about these new rule changes, check out this blog article. I think that’s fair to them; I think that’s the truth. However, in 2005 the New York Times published an article about the NESCAC’s process of admitting student-athletes. According to McHugh, success for Bates athletics can also help the overall prestige of the school, especially in regards to attracting a diverse mix of students. He said that every NESCAC school currently subscribes to the process. They just will not get a direct response from coaches until their sport’s contact period begins. The athlete’s senior year, coaches can initiate off-campus contact with the athletes and/or their parents up to six times. All comments must have an attached name and email. As always, coaches can watch games online to scout prospects. “Recruitment falls under a larger umbrella of making sure our students have opportunities to explore a number of their passions while here at Bates, not just athletics,” she said. */.

Students who spend some or all of high school in the United States must complete 10 core courses (seven in English, math and science) by the start of their seventh semester in high school (prior to senior year).

Both the NESCAC and Bates have certain policies that create an environment of stringent confidentiality surrounding recruitment procedures. If the core GPA would increase by assigning a value of 2.3, that value will be assigned to passed courses. Student-athletes who do not mean the minimum criteria for the third tier will not be admitted. The NCAA Recruiting Rules for Division II schools are slightly more relaxed than those for Division I, and the rules are the same across all sports: DIII schools have the most relaxed NCAA recruiting rules of all the division levels. In her interview, Dean Weisenburger declined to comment on how the admissions office at Bates specifically goes about admitting recruited student-athletes, citing Admission and NESCAC policy. These student-athletes may compete on an outside team while remaining enrolled in their NCAA institution, which typically would not be allowed. If you want a picture to show with your comment, go get a gravatar. Replies to: NESCAC Recruiting #41. cinnamon1212 1378 replies 11 threads Senior Member.

Division III has no such stipulation. The system reportedly establishes a slot system for recruiting student-athletes. According to Athletic Director Kevin McHugh, generally “three or four” sports are assigned to each liaison, which are tasked with getting a feel of prospective student-athletes. But in this respect, Weisenburger believes that athletics is not unique. Before even going after an athlete, admissions gets an “early read” on high school athletes that are entering their senior year. For courses completed with a “pass” grade, the Eligibility Center will apply the credit earned in those courses toward the core-course requirement. If the 2.3 mark would decrease the student’s overall GPA, the core-course GPA will be calculated based only on courses with assigned letter grades from other terms. #BobcatsAllIn Promotes Voter Registration. All student-athletes are required to complete their application in full, the same as any other applicant.

In the Times article, the slot system is described as working like this: Each NESCAC institution is given two slots per varsity sport, with the exception of football, which is allotted 14 slots.
In addition to this slot-system, schools can establish a tier system to classify potential student-athletes, according to the Times article. Please support this website by adding us to your whitelist in your ad blocker. The NCAA just approved a new set of rules that will change the way Division 1 college coaches can recruit athletes during camps and visits. ©1996-2020 – U.S. College Hockey Online. Athletes can also initiate communication by emailing coaches of programs they are interested in as early as possible. Institutions that give athletic scholarships are required to make available graduation rates by sport under Title 1, Section 103 of the Student Right-to-Know Act. Coaches then have the opportunity to use their allotted slots on potential student-athletes who fit within any of the tiers, typically within the second or third, to increase the chances of admission. Due to the competitive environment of student-athlete recruitment, many institutions are reticent to provide information on the process. McHugh explains that this read comes after July 1st and allows Bates to get sense of what their senior classes are like and what their junior grades are.

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