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MA, PhD, Harvard. We want to hear your voice! 2018-10-08. Baldwin is the chairman of its Donor and Advisory Boards, and as of December 2015, Arcadia has made grant commitments of over $363 million to charities and scholarly institutions globally that preserve cultural heritage and the environment, and promote open access. To expand the success of both the Halcyon Land & Sea Fund and the Halcyon Marine Programme to date, increasing focus on long-term sustainability. Niels Christian Nielsen appointed to Wikimedia Endowment Advisory Board – Wikimedia Blog, ← As NASA's latest mission heads to space, these editors will chronicle its journey and results in the years to come, Wikimedia Research Newsletter, August 2016 →, venture capitalist Annette Campbell-White, How Wikipedia Is Preparing For The 2020 U.S. Election, Wikipedia as a castle in the wilderness: modernization in the dynamic world of the internet. The programme operates across 72 sites in 17 countries engaging 88 partners and 35 community-based institutions and has already resulted in threat reduction of biodiversity recovery at 10 sites. Bio. Two aspects of his work unify it. View Peter Baldwin’s profile on LinkedIn, the world's largest professional community. Supporting Open Access with Harvard Library. In his academic career, Baldwin is a renowned scholar who is interested in the historical development of the modern state––a broad field that has led him in many different directions throughout his career. Peter and Lisbet have also been long-time donors and supporters of the Wikimedia Foundation. [5] Thefund provided further support to the university in 2011 with an additional $11 million grant. [1] Since its inception it has averaged yearly grant awards of $35,625,000. Career. The fund also has an advisory board of 7 members. Global Professor. Outside boards and committees have included the Harvard Board of Overseers and Yad Hanadiv Advisory Committee. He also has projects underway on the historical development of privacy, on the history of honor, and a global history of the state. Additionally, it provides environmental grants to organisations that preserve endangered habitats, at risk land as well as trains staff, enable research and policy development. A study of the state of trans-Atlantic relations between the United States and Europe from Oxford University Press was published in late 2009, entitled The Narcissism of Minor Differences: How America and Europe are Alike. [9] In 2018 the fund gave an additional £9 million to fund the program for a further 7 years. [5] Arcadia-funded projects include the Endangered Languages Documentation Programme at SOAS,[6] the Endangered Archives Programme at the British Library[7] and Fauna & Flora International's Halcyon Land and Sea fund. Arcadia in collaboration with CCI and 9 other conservation organisations aim to reserve priority landscape across Europe in an attempt to support viable populations of native species, provide room for natural ecological processes, resilience of ecosystems to short or long term changes. to develop tools that complement current CC licence suite. [15] Since 2011, Arcadia has provided support in which has supported 34 initiatives across 18 countries. Die deutschsprachige Erstausstrahlung wurde von RTL plus, bzw. As of March 2020, the Fund has made grant commitments of over $678 million to charities and scholarly institutions globally that preserve cultural heritage and the environment and promote open access. “Peter brings a deep commitment to free knowledge and in depth experience in nonprofit Board management,” said Annette Campbell-White, fellow Advisory Board member.

These include the Endangered Languages Documentation program at SOAS, University of London, the Endangered Archive Program at the British Library, and Fauna & Flora International’s Halcyon Land and Sea fund. Content licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 (CC-BY-SA) unless otherwise noted. Baldwin and Rausing are listed as one of the biggest benefactors to the Wikimedia Foundation[8] and donated $5 million to the Wikimedia endowment in 2017[9] after joining its advisory board.[10]. Arcadia Fund. Established in 2001, the organisation provides grants on a worldwide basis focusing on numerous projects outside the UK. ref>"The Illuminated River Foundation". The partnership started in 1998 where Peter Baldwin and Lisbet Rausing developed the idea in conjunction with FFI to develop the Halcyon Fund in which secures highly threatened sites to protect them under local management.

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