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[33] As she goes to free Eren, Rod pulls himself across the floor to the shattered syringe and laps up the contents of the syringe, transforming himself into a Pure Titan. He even gathered his composure after Kenny grabbed him and began shoving a knife down his throat. [34] He does this in a last-ditch effort to seize the Founding Titan from Eren. Historia asks to see Frieda so she can thank her, but Rod informs her that Frieda is dead, killed along with the rest of Rod's family by Eren's father. [35], Rod's Titan ignores the Survey Corps members underneath the Reiss Chapel and begins crawling towards Orvud District of Wall Sheena, drawn to it by the city's large populace. Covering the hottest movie and TV topics that fans want.

He murdered many members of the military, but after becoming friends with the Reiss family, he served under their command for years. After his transformation, Rod was still unable to stand, as his back injury persisted even in his Titan form. [32], Historia hesitates, asking her father why none of the previous Founding Titans used their powers to help humanity, and Rod explains that it was the wish of the first Reiss King that humanity be controlled by the Titans, believing that it was the only path to peace.

Rod Reiss ロッド・レイスRoddo Reisu In the battle, Eld and the others were able to blind the Female Titan. As she goes to free Eren, Rod pulls himself across the floor to the shattered syringe and laps up the contents of the syringe, transforming himself into a Pure Titan. Titan Rod orders Kenny to take his squad and guard the entrance to the cavern, as he needs them absent for the ceremony.[7]. Besides Levi, he had the most experience in the group.

),[5] often publicly referred to as Lord Reiss (レイス卿 Reisu Kyō?

[31], Kenny finally releases Rod and Rod frees Kenny from his service, suggesting that the man leave and live a long life on his own.

Rod Reiss would eventually turn into an incredibly powerful titan. When he transformed, Kenny was burnt and slowly passed away.

RELATED: 5 Anime Characters Eren Could Defeat (& 5 He Absolutely Has No Chance Against). Horrified, Rod lunges at Historia but she flips him over her shoulder, slamming him into the ground. The first moment of Historia awesomeness that got fans hyped was the scene where she is seemingly about to accept her father Rod Reiss' titan serum in order to devour Eren and steal the Founding Titan power. The true king of the walls between 845 and 850 had some twisted ideas about heritage and tradition that made the show much more exciting.

Now, make no mistake, Rod was no villain.

While Colossus is not always considered one of the best Attack on Titan villains, he is still one of the most powerful and darkest antagonists of this show. Deceased was the younger brother of Rod Reiss and the uncle of Historia Reiss.He was the true king of the Walls for some time until the year 842 and was Kenny Ackerman's best friend. In other words: all hail Queen Historia! Attack on Titan airs every Monday on TokyoTV, with simulcasts on Hulu, Crunchyroll and AnimeLab in North America. Despite Rod urging Uri to kill him, especially since he was an Ackerman, Uri refused and apologized to Kenny. She attacked Gunther with a sword. While the protagonists are compelling and easy to relate to, the antagonists are fascinatingly complex. Rod Reiss (ロッド・レイス Roddo Reisu?

He explains that Frieda would have been able to use the power to rid the world of the Titans, but that in the hands of a non-Reiss like Eren, the power is dormant. Planning on killing the commander, Levi left his friends when they were outside the walls. She wiped Historia's memories with the power of the Founding Titan. Origin With the citizens in awe of her, Historia took up the reigns of power, proclaiming herself humanity's rightful ruler. He lacked a face due to the friction against the ground as it destroyed the front half of his head due to his constant dragging as he moved, exposing even his brains. However, if he were to remain off the ground and not dragging his head, he would regenerate a full face in time. Rod Reissロッド・レイスRoddo Reisu

However, Grisha Yeager, a man from beyond the Walls, comes to talk to the family, asking Frieda to save the people inside the Walls from the Titans. Rod Reiss would eventually turn into an incredibly powerful titan.

The cannons cause great damage on his back, but he withstands all the attacks and scales the Wall. September 15th[3] [23] He notices that Historia is also visibly shaken, and is surprised to learn that the contact also restored her memories of Frieda. As a young man, Rod married an unnamed woman and had five children with her: Frieda, Urklyn, Dirk, Abel, and Florian. Hobby

Rod Reiss' Titan exposed its internal organs when it stood up, due to all the skin and muscles being worn off as it dragged itself across the ground. He spoke with great certainty and intelligence about the events of his daughter, Frieda Reiss, and his brother Uri Reiss, when they obtained and lost the Founding Titan. He murdered many members of the military, but after becoming friends with the Reiss family, he served under their command for years. He tried to convince Historia to inject herself with a serum, transforming into a Titan and devouring Eren. Sometime later, he was joined by a younger brother, Uri.

Eren tries frantically to communicate with her through his gag and Rod explains that Eren knows he intends to return the power Grisha stole to its rightful place.

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