should there be real world consequences for what someone posts on social media essay

And so those very same chat bots, for example, that might be trying to persuade you to buy a product might be trying to persuade you to vote in a certain way or convince someone to take a certain position on a war a certain way. These are hyper-realistic images - videos, for example, of speeches that politicians never made, scenes that never happened. If you put up an effective post on Twitter or Facebook or Instagram, that's one thing. For example, there's the question online, does retweet equal endorsement? For a start, go out of your way to delete the offending status and hope nobody has taken a screenshot of it.Secondly, don't just pretend it never happened. They wanted everyone to know about it. Yes, it's true that nothing is truly private, but you can avoid the worst of it by using your privacy settings to your advantage.

It causes them to decide to run away, this army that's much larger, backed by the most powerful military in the world, the U.S. military. I'm Terry Gross.

And this set a model that we're starting to see in all future conflicts. Recently, almost everybody has at least one account on a social networking website. Since it's done online, there is an air of unreality to it, but in fact, there are real-life consequences. She establishes a Twitter account. How did they strike back? This is a gradually escalating process with a couple different companies that are doing this piecemeal. GROSS: This is FRESH AIR.

1) When the Wife of Bath talks about the various things that women desire most, wh And so neural networks can be used, like any other technology, for both good and bad. SINGER: So Angie was a bot. When the Germans invade France, an invasion that most people didn't - at the time, didn't think would work, it not only allows them to connect all their military units in a new manner, allow them to coordinate and move faster than ever before, but it also connected back into the enemy population, and it spread a contagion of fear. And, of course, they played a huge impact in the American 2016 election.

They are determined to make sure that they are only dealing with the right people. It can destroy businesses and it can even lead to serious legal problems. For example, if you have had a bad day you should stay away from social media. DAVIES: Let's talk about social media in political campaigns.

And it's one of these things that the contemporaries described as this strange defeat. Even people that have little desire to see the thoughts and opinions of hundreds of … Your purchase helps support NPR programming. And actually, again, it was one of these Russians behind it. 4) Would you say that the knight has learned to understand women by the end of the Tale? These are almost - you think of like a sweatshop factory. That's not particularly unusual. And so what we've seen is that authoritarians have figured out also how to use social media in a couple of key ways. Do you have any sense of - I mean, there must've been social media campaigns - what kind of impact they had on how this was perceived and, you know, the enduring impact it'll have on our discourse? For example, they create organizations within Israeli universities where not only Israeli students but students from around the world can participate in this battle of narrative too. Companies tend to use it in order to schedule social media posts in advance, but it also allows you some time to think about your status updates prior to them going public. Even the most harmless of status updates could find its way into court, and it could cause your entire case to go against you.

What figurative language is this? However, in some cases, employers may have grounds to fire employees for their social media conduct. Anything you post on your personal and business social media feeds should be carefully considered. ….

To begin with, you should use the privacy settings available to you. They were hip to the importance of this. It can destroy businesses and it can even lead to serious legal problems. So what are the risks of posting without thinking on social media?

Singer and Emerson Brooking, say that social media has also been weaponized in ways that most of us remain unaware of, like fueling popular uprisings and affecting the course of military campaigns. During the middle of the hearing, someone in the House of Representatives goes to create the evidence on Wikipedia to make it seem as if he is telling the truth. We are still trying to come to grips as a society on how to handle elements of social media. And what's worrying, as we look ahead, is that these bots don't necessarily need to be active now. Turn on as many privacy settings as you like, but things can and do leak, with 936 million users on Facebook. And there are a lot of those.

But then you have also bots. 3) Reread the last two stanzas of the Tale. by consulting the g Institutions It's not a sexual term. And this was an example of a limited military campaign that nonetheless was a global war for public opinion. There have been situations all over the world where people have fallen foul of the law because of something they posted. And they're quite taken aback by how they're losing this battle of narrative but with very real physical and political effects. If the status was directed towards a specific individual, send them a private message apologizing for your actions. But it also had strategic and tactical military impact. BROOKING: That's right. And again, you saw both sides engaging in this in the Kavanaugh debate, pushing out all sorts of different false stories, false personas and the like in the battle to have their own narrative win out and the other side's narrative be buried underneath this. Singer and Emerson Brooking, welcome to FRESH AIR. assign roles For instance, when the Israeli army moved into Gaza in 2012, the operation was supported by a viral marketing campaign. The 'Weaponization' Of Social Media — And Its Real-World Consequences P.W. One of the new rules of the game when everything is online is that it's out in the open. DAVIES: This is FRESH AIR, and we're speaking with Emerson Brooking. Launch Topic/ Objective : Characterization There's a reason why companies have comprehensive social media policies. SINGER: The goal of it is to achieve what's known as mass control, to steer an entire population towards a certain direction.

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