squalane vs niacinamide

I understand that the P50 has a PH level of between 2/5-3. Pores that I thought were permanent have started to disappear, and I’m wearing makeup and can keep it on my face for the whole day! , I sorta just listed all the reasons it should theoretically work and be good for malassezia on the fungal acne treatment guide. The graphic suggests not to use AHA and Retinol at the same time, but I seem to be tolerating it ok. Should I be skipping the Curology treatment (with tretinoin) on the night I am using the AHA peel pads? Thanks for your chart! The ordinary Latic acid ones a week So we would just recommend just using the peptide product as a serum on days when you don’t use the acid. 4. One of those breakdown products being SQOOH (squalane peroxide). Id much rather use my actives at night but hate the idea of them cancelling each other out and although Paulas Choice are typically the OG they seem to be in the minority in their opinion…. the diagram concept is genius! Can I use it before or after vitamin C in the morning? Can I use the ordinary retinol 0.2% and The ordinary Niacinamide 10% + zinc 1% together. So I do a pattern during the week at nights with my actives: Monday/Thursday AHA, Tuesday/Friday Retinol, and all the other days I either use niacinamide or no actives at all.

I think i have oily dehydrated skin. It honestly felt like a Eureka moment for me. I was confused…. The Ordinary Retinol 0.2% In Squalane vs. Paula's Choice Clinical Niacinamide 20% Treatment - find out which one you should use based on our comparison of the two skincare favorites! Yikes… . Thanks again! Well, squalane gives you that…. You, sir, are quite the salesperson. These impurities can range anywhere from 6-18% depending on the manufacture. 3. More oxidation = bigger pimple. I was wondering if The Ordinary’s Alpha Arbutin 2% + HA, would help the red spots and my acne scars, or if The Ordinary’s Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1% would be better. See “my experience with squalane” section for more details. (25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30), 5. I’ve only been using squalane oil for about a month now, but OMG… this stuff is magical! Let’s start with the 4 actives we already covered: L-ascorbic acid (vitamin C), AHAs (glycolic, lactic, mandelic acids), niacinamide, and retinol. Hey f.c, thanks again for an awesome, informative article. Retinol The Ordinary Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1% So I’m currently using: – Son & Park beauty water (use as toner) Mainly emolliency, surface occlusion, and TEWL prevention all with extreme cosmetic elegance: “Squalane / squalene is preferred for skin care due to its notably high emollient properties. Copyright © 2018 Chemist Confessions, Inc. All rights reserved. These work around the same pH level and can be layered. Very helpful. Hi Chintia, the AHA/BHA/niacinamide pairing is ok. Niacinamide gets along with most pretty well. The ingredient isn't to be confused with the its predecessor, squalene (with an 'e'), which is … If I had to guess why, I’d say it’s because of it’s soft light reflecting properties, and the fact that it vanishes upon absorption. After reading all this info you may be asking yourself the question….

Real talk, ain’t nobody got time to wait 2 hours to put on the next skin product. Does Glycolic tonning solution (ordinary) and niacinamate works tgt? The risk here is over exfoliating, but if your skin’s tolerant, then by all means carry on!

Also, been much awaiting this article, I've been dying to try this oil! I have the same question. This information is so helpful, easy for. “Squalene is thought to act as a lipid sensor for solar UV exposure, and as a photoprotective barrier for the hairless human skin against such oxidative stress, acting as a sacrificial target when other defense mechanisms are exhausted.” (4). This leads to significantly higher levels of squalene peroxide, and therefore acne. It’s purity is about 92-94%, and has the remaining byproducts: Lastly, the shark stuff. SPF, PM 1 P.s. Team water or team oil?

2. How 50 People From Reddit and YOUTUBE Cleared Their Fungal Acne! After this, you want to use a BHA exfoliate product, would there be any issue if you do this? Thank you! Was the actives relationship map helpful? 5.

So if you would like to layer the two, make sure you leave it for your night routine.

However, unlike petroleum and its distillates which are sourced from oil drilling, squalane and squalene are both naturally occurring components of human sebum!

. I emailed them and they said they can’t give me a yes or no answer but I figure I’m on a retin-a it should be fine. Before or after or in replacement of my moisturizer? This includes the benefits of squalane, the controversy around unsaturated oils harming our skin, my experience with squalane and more. Ive been looking for definitive answer on vit c and retinol for awhile and everyone seems to have a different take. But it was you guys and gals who went out and put that sh*t on ya faces. They have retinol formulated with squalane at different strengths and I imagine that would be great for acne! I worry that it may cause adverse effect on skin with SD. Unfortunately, your reliable neighborhood. Or any suggestion to combine those two in a week? My Am routine Just a few little drops will do ya!

Does a moisturizer have a ph which you can not use with LAA? If you could tell me how to incorporate these 3 with what I already use- Cerave SA face wash, laneige toner, snail mucin essence and Niacinamide- I would be very grateful. In some unrelated studies, we find that if a product affects your skin pH, it takes WAY longer than 20 minutes for skin pH to go back to the usual 5.5 (think more like 2 hours). Want us to build it out to include say kojic acid, peptides and more? Despite all of niacinamide’s benefits, she’s not the biggest fan because high levels seem to cause a bout of dry skin. However, given how many people are sensitive to comedogenic breakouts and / or malassezia, squalane is the next best thing for extremely acne-prone individuals like myself. See Mayumi Squalane Skin Oil for example. And how about the buffet with the glycolic toning solution of the Ordinary? contains less of the nasties we’re trying to avoid). Sunscreen: Somebymi Cica, PM: I’m currently using retin-a, glycolic toner, I wait 30 min if I use same night, cleocin gel, cerave hydrating cleanser, Vit C serum, but I had seen such great things I figured why not just try it. This is my Inkey List Niacinamide vs The Ordinary Niacinamide review. I know that you shouldn’t combine direct acids and peptides, but I’m not sure when else I’d be able to add peptides, since they also can’t be used at the same time as vitamin c. Is niacinamide ordinary is ok with the laneige water sleeping mask and ponds white cream.?

Or more like OVERVIEW since I’ll be going over absolutely everything you need to know. Thanks!

Dull skin is temporary; all it usually will need is a little perk-me-up, such as extra hydration, some exfoliation, and vitamin nourishment.

All this information is available but can be so muddied and I keep changing my routine so I love this article! I had used squalane in the past and encountered the same problem, but at the time I was introducing several different products within a short timespan (I know, silly me) so I couldn’t ascertain if it was the squalane.

In a nutshell, this combined niacinamide ascorbate complex is still effective for skincare. So helpful! Glycolic 7% toner Thank you so much for the info! thanks for this post, could you tell a bit on the combination AHA – Niaciamide? Toner Niacinamide Murad (Retinol Youth Eye Serum) for eyes, PM

Finding that first effective ingredient that makes a visible difference to your skin is a bit like opening pandora’s box. Cleanse Thank you for the information. 4. Innisfree’s Olive skincare line has a face cream that has a decent dose of squalane in it. This website is exactly what I’ve been looking for! Hi, thanks so much for this information! The information in this blog is so useful and I really appreciate your effort! the waxy film composed primarily of ceramides that makes a baby’s skin GLORIOUS]…. Study that demonstrates panthenol and niacinamide’s benefit when using tretinoin: Your email address will not be published. How to Treat Fungal / Adult Acne (Malassezia Folliculitis), How to Get Rid of Acne: The Honest Answer, How to Get Rid of Acne Scars Explained (7 Studies) | PIE vs. PIH, How to Pop a Pimple Using Science! What is the PH level comparison ususally between L-AA and AHAs and how does the AHAs not acidify the NIA like the L-AA does?
I’ve stopped using vitamin c altogether as I have broken out terribly with it. and what order is preferable.

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