twitter developer account approval

Describe your Intended Use of the Twitter API. Each tweet has a unique id called a “tweet id.” Given a tweet id, a user can retrieve the complete tweet from Twitter’s API (called “hydrating”) unless that tweet has been deleted or the author’s account has been deleted, suspended, or protected. This is a particularly important use case for community-based archives or archives of social movements.

; Deactivated accounts: An advertiser cannot participate in Twitter Ads if they have deactivated their Twitter account.

I.C.1. Losing access to the API is the primary penalty you will face for violating Twitter’s Developer Policies. If unable to successfully create a developer account access, we may have a spare account or 2 to sell. Why are People Online Losing Their Minds Over the Pandemic? In case some of the data is confusing, you’ll be contacted by the their team that approves developer accounts. Your application is under review, and you will receive a notification with the result. It is also unclear how Twitter policy interacts (collides?)

It is tempting to create “dummy” Twitter accounts to circumvent rate limits. The meaning of this is unclear and is typically ignored for Twitter research with geolocation data. As of July 2018, you must now apply for a Twitter developer account and be approved before you can create any new apps. If someone from outside GW contacts the library about a dataset, only the tweet ids are shared. Here you’ll write what you are going to do with Twitter API.

The restricted use cases are not very informative, and of course Twitter will never give a reason why they decline an application. Also problematic about this term is there is some indication from the case of Sifter that Twitter expects a service to police its use by users to stop prohibited use cases. Social media analytic platforms such as Crimson-Hexagon do adhere to this policy.

License from Twitter. Any use of location data or geographic information on a standalone basis or beyond the license granted herein is a breach of this Agreement. Simple Giveaways is a WordPress plugin for hosting giveaways and growing your email list. There are several boxes on this page and some of them are not needed. If Twitter Content ceases to be available through the Twitter API, you may not display such Twitter Content and must remove it from non-display portions of your Service as soon as reasonably possible.

I am a Photo Restoration artist & SEO consultant specialising in small business and start-ups. Press J to jump to the feed. I.F.2.b.ii. Once you’re sure everything is all right, you will have to agree to Twitter terms and you’ll be put into the queue. As such, it is unclear how or if Twitter intends them to apply to research and archiving. You may not distribute more than 1,500,000 Tweet IDs to any entity (inclusive of multiple individual users associated with a single entity) within any given 30 day period, unless you are doing so on behalf of an academic institution and for the sole purpose of non-commercial research or you have received the express written permission of Twitter. II.B. I’m not aware of any non-commercial parties that collect Twitter data that actively purge deleted tweets from their datasets.

I worked with a research team that reached out to some Twitter users to participate in a study. (For archiving and research, we are typically only retrieving content.). with your Twitter username and password. 3, Facebook Is Making the U.S. a Political Dystopia, A Childhood Friend Cussed Me Out For Telling The Truth About My Family. If you choose to share hydrated Twitter content with another party in this way, you may only share up to 50,000 hydrated public Tweet Objects and/or User Objects per recipient, per day, and should not make this data publicly available (for example, as an attachment to a blog post or in a public Github repository). How long for Twitter Developer Account Approval?

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