why is college hoops 2k8 so expensive

While obviously a far more primitive game, Lakers vs Celtics is held in much higher regard than NBA Elite 11, and the story behind the rare and expensive unreleased PAL version is far more positive (and arguably more interesting) than NBA Elite 11 being a complete bust. Yeah 2k8 has much better recruiting dynamics, but the presentation of NCAA10 is just too good for me to not play 10 more than 2k8.

Some 4 star is like 63% interested in me atm lol. Once a player gets above 75 percent interest, they can tour the school, which is the most effective recruiting tool and can only be used once. The Gamecube is region locked, so it would also require additional means for collectors outside the United States to be able to play it. I notice Wyoming also has interest in another point guard on my target list who is ranked even higher than Bronson, so I decide to not give up on Bronson yet and fly out to recruit him again before sending him an offer. For elite programs, coaches can get in five visits or scouting trips per week. Also: Bronson gets an offer from Colorado. Do you have a rarity in your collection? Great start. The demo drew harsh criticism however, leading to a delay and finally full cancellation of the game. The nice thing about power forwards is that you can typically switch them between the 3-4-5 without losing too many points on their overall rating. in Basketball Video Games, Features, The Friday Five Collecting games for PC and console is an expensive hobby as it is, but if you’re really keen on building the ultimate gaming room, you might consider buying pinball and/or arcade machines. For now, I’m going to keep shopping around, and wait for a good deal to present itself. In 2010, EA Sports planned to rebrand the long-running NBA Live series as NBA Elite, at the same time introducing new tech and a new direction. 32 at his position. They mostly go for $20, and that’s ridiculous for a 10 yr old game. The other priorities — feeling wanted, being close to home, getting good coaching, getting playing time — could still work in favor of a school like WIU, depending on the circumstances. That draws me a first round matchup with IUPUI in the conference tournament. Yeah I usually updated the roster every year until they took the servers down :( But yeah I saw you can use a USB drive now and I might do that. I reserve the right to watch the computer actually play the simulated game though, especially if it’s in the NCAA tournament. On the bright side, there are several home ports of NBA Jam that capture the fun of the original arcade version, and they’re neither expensive nor difficult to find. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Oh yeah all the time, first legacy was with Princeton after 2 seasons was able to scrape by and get a 4 star Shooting Guard Odie Plavich I mean what a name right and he was lights out, Haha nice! I have a 360 and a USB drive. You’re better off buying the NTSC version and an NTSC-to-PAL cartridge converter, if you’re hunting for this classic. They’re something that only the most serious collectors with deep pockets, or perhaps entertainment establishments, will pursue.

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